Regulation 14 Consultation Supporting Documents

The Neighbourhood Plan Team would like to thank  the large number of people who turned out to our consultation events.

The Documents we are consulting on for Regulation 14 make reference to supporting documents (CLICK ON HEADINGS TO OPEN DOCUMENTS)

Landscape Character and Key Views Report

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan seeks  to retain the distinct local appearance of Seaford and its surroundings and hence is producing documents  that  will guide developers to produce schemes that best complement the existing fabric and ‘feel’ of the Town. The Statement on  Local Landscape Character and Views gives the detail supporting a proposed Policy in the Plan itself (SEA 1 P3 &4 HERE), which  states that development will be permitted provided it conserves and enhances the landscape, seascape and townscape character of Seaford including:

    • the landscape setting of Seaford, including the South Downs National Park and the Heritage Coast;
    • the key views as identified in the Local Landscape and Key Views Report;
    • various other requirements

 55 significant public views from within the town are identified in the paper:

  • 27 views are already defined within the four Conservation Areas in the town and are already protected 
  • 28 views have been selected by residents. Comments are requested on these 28 views. Are they, for example, the most important views?

On adoption of the Plan, new development in Seaford will be permitted provided it conserves and enhances these key views which will be added to Lewes District Council’s planning policies so that any proposed housing development must consider the potential impact on these significant public views. Any adverse impact may lead to rejection of a planning application.

Dane Valley: AECOM Report
Housing Focus Group Working Papers & Evidence Report

Character Assessment Report

Key Views Summary

The Seaford Neighbourhood Plan Team

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