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Local Green Spaces

We have done a lot of work and research, including survey results from local residents. To be a local green space you have to meet a lot of criteria which are set by the UK Government. Here is what the Government say:

gov says

Below is a map of the 8 sites that we think meet these criteria and residents have said they feel strongly about: 


Places to play sport and play (recreation space)

The Focus Group sees sites such as school playing fields and gardens as key to the Town. However, Lewes District Council already has strong policies on these (called RE1 and RE2). So, in our view, there is nothing else that the Neighbourhood plan can add to existing policy about the following sites:


Sites within the South Downs National Park

The National Park is currently undertaking its own policy review – they call it their “Local Plan”. To avoid duplication, we will discuss the following sites with the National Park. We know they are important to residents and we want the National Park to know your thoughts.


Sites covered by other District-wide policy

As we set out in our evidence report, we are aware that the role of the Neighbourhood Plan is to add to the policy framework, not to duplicate it. There is already policy linked to the sites below. For example, the Brickfield is a site of nature conservation interest. Sites like the Old Gas Works and Newlands are already seen as suitable for development. Buckle is a community asset and the Seafront has policy to maintain, for example, its open feel and the great views.


Our suggested new approach to grass verges is:

• Due consideration should be given to how development of a site that is, in effect, a wide grass verge, would impact upon its beauty and wildlife. • Where possible, the quality of verges should be enhanced and preserved through, for example, the planting of trees and/ or plants. • Where possible, mowing should be done in a way which is sensitive to plants and wildlife living on the verge.

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