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The Future of Housing in Seaford

The Neighbourhood Plan is the document that lays down Seaford’s vision for its future residential development up to 2030. Once adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will determine where new housing is to be built, its design and type and the District planners will have to consult this document before making planning decisions.

We want to ensure that as many residents as possible have their say, and we are eager to engage with Seaford’s young people so that your views are taken into account to enable the Plan to reflect your needs.

Please take just a few minutes to answer the questionnaire. Available here: Housing Questionnaire

Thank you for your participation. 

Housing Focus Group

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Group Members


John Alcock - Chair

Diane Bushell – Deputy Chair

Alan Latham

Lis Rosser

Sheila Lothian

Pat Short

Mack Burnside

Teresa O'Brien

Victoria Garland

Charlie Grimble

Janice Broxup

George Taylor

Suede Stanton-Drudy



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